Orientační běh – New Love

Last time I did orienteering run was when I was 6 years old and I had no idea how to use map and I even didn´t need to know it because I was just following coloured ribbons in the forest.

21 years after I am back and with the map, no ribbons  I tried the first race in September and it was a disaster. I thought I am good runner so I could beat lots of orienteering runners…………forget it! I was running fast like crazy and I was getting lost every time I was searching for the control point.

Race was for 7km and I spent 3 hours in the forest. I came to finish destroyed and 30mins behind the time limit. I was the last one,people who were older than 60 beat me  So I realize orienteering run is not just running but it is about using your brain while running which I wasn´t get used to.

Usually when I hear start blast I pull as a horse and go as fast as possible……….not in orienteering running. I start running with the map and I was getting better and better and last race I finished in top 20 (great result for me). I did 5 orienteering races in last month and I really love it…..using the physical and mental power together is great change. Recommend to everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure what is orienteering? Check it here http://www.orienteering.org


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