MTBO – Mud fun

Well, to enrich my sport experiences I decided to try mtbo (mountain bike orienteering). So I signed up for Czech mtbo cup in small town of Zakupy. Two days, two maps, one mud.

I signed up to category M21A, just under Elite category, but I had no idea that officialy I am not allowed to sign straight to this category (you need to qualify by your results), but nobody noticed and I had to prove that I belong there. Everyone had rotary map holder, except me, I had to use my imagination by using my static map holder .

On Saturday there was middle distance,10 km and 17 check points, I was enjoying the course and of course when feeling great I did big mistakes that put me back to reality. I finished 23rd, good for first experience. Sunday was long distance, 20 km and 18 check points.

It was incredible long and hard, it is 20 km as the crow flies, so it took me almost two hours to find the right way and to finish. I was doing smalll mistakes, but by pushing hard I didn´t lose so much.

At the finish line I thought I am somewhere at the end of the start field, but I was suprised and finished 8th, which pleased me a lot. The course was extremly muddy and there was no lack of hills, still it was fun and I have to say mtbo is another sport I am keen to do. Give me more….:)

MTBO-Jan Venca Francke

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