Zimní triatlon – Winter fun and winter pain

From Maui, where the sun is shining in the vibez of reggae straight to the place where there is hardly sun, but there is lots of winter fun, Czech Republic. So I didn´t hesitated and undusted my xc skies, put new wax on and hit the white trails in my home mountains. It wasn´t enough adventure so I took out my bike and did lots of snow biking with heaps of crashes, yeah much better excitment 

Triathlon, famous sport………winter triathlon? Why not to give it a go, it is madness of those who lack triathlon in winter and there are always handful of „mentally ill“ athletes who are keen to snow run-snow bike – cross country ski. I am one of them.

This winter triathlon was held at my home town of Jablonec nad Nisou, beautiful town in the mountains. It was very cold morning (well not very, just -10 celsius). Sun was shining and it looked like perfect day. With the start gun we started with 5 km run.

 I pushed it straight from the beginning just for fun and I was just waiting when the crisis will come, it came soon and after while I was slowing down and moving through the field. There was 13 km on the bike waiting for us and it was extremly icy.

I didn´t know until I tasted the ice from very close (elegantly falling of my bike). Feeling good on the bike I moved through the field up again and without any other crashes came to transition on third place.

Transition is my adventage so I use it in my profit and hit the white stuff on my skis on second place with good gap behind. 7 km xc ski and very hilly. I don´t know worse transition than going from the bike to skis. Anyway, after not smiling for 20mins of skiing I became second in the first race of Czech Winter TT Cup.

Was it fun? Definitely it was! But not all of myself had fun. One part of my body didn´t enjoy the race at all. We are talking about that organ that is responsible for reproduction. It started protesting on the bike and I knew it is gonna be big issue when I finish.

Well, I more would say extremly small „big“ issue…..it got frozen and when it was in process of unfreezing I was crying with pain, pain going from „him“ to all of my body and I don´t know worse pain. Those who experienced this knows what I am talking about 

Zimní triatlon 2013-Jan Venca Francke

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