Mallorca Training camp

I’ve alway thought of myself as a winter person, but something had changed and after three months of winter and snow I was desperate to get out of that long winter. By accident I received email from my friend that they have got few more spots left at cycling training camp in Mallorca,part of Spain and an  island in Mediterranean sea, and if I would be interested to come.

I replied back straight away….yes. Last two years I have been riding only my mountain bike so it took me a while to find where is my road bike and when I finally found it I had to undusted, put it in box and refresh how to ride road bike

Mallorca is probably the most cyclist frequent place on the World. It is hardly possible that you would ride alone if you wouldn’t like to. Thousands and thousands of cyclist, incredible network of roads, beautiful mountains, olives and oranges orchards, great coffee places,….That is Mallorca.

10 days of perfect riding in acceptable weather. Doing 160 km hill rides is not such a problem at Mallroca like it is problem back at home where this would kill me. Sometimes we rode in the peloton of 35 riders, sometimes I rode by myself (that was my favourite).

I was usually the last one when we were riding on the flats but once we hit the hills I felt like someone injected a great dose of endorfines into my blood stream and I couldn‘ t control myself and always hit the hills hard with smile. How someone can live in Netherland or other flat countries is mystery for me

The wetaher was great and it showed us all what it can do, from nice sunny day to nice cold snowy day. So one day I took my running shoes and rode my bike to the mountains where everything was green. Put my running shoes on and run up rocky trails up the mountains.

After while I was wading through knee deep snow. I was like a small child enjoying every moment of that. I did over 1000 km on bike, little bit of run, drank litres of good coffee and rise up my spirits. Now back in the Czech where winter is still at its rage so I had to take out xc skies and just dream about cycling in shorts.


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